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Best Places To See In Namibia With Your 4×4 Vehicle

We’ve gathered some of the best places for you to see in Namibia with your rented 4×4 vehicle. Some of these are quite well known, whereas some are some local favorites that you must visit when you come to Namibia.

Having a rented 4×4 vehicle in Namibia is a must to get you to some of these rather remote places, as the gravel road can be quite rough on on your vehicle. With the added benefit of having a 4×4 vehicle with camping equipment is that you get to camp at some of the most serene places!

Starting off with the magnificent Dune 7: Known as the highest dune in Namibia measured at 1,256 feet and 383 metres. Your legs will feel this one, but the view from the top, overlooking the ocean in the front and the desert in the back, makes this climb well worth it. Situated in Walvis Bay, port town of Namibia.

Flamingo Lagoon: These beautiful pink lagoons filled with flamingos are picturesque, and the best part, it’s completely free to anyone to visit. The pink is in fact the plankton which procreates in saltwater.

Deadvlei: A clay pan with dark, dead, camel thorn trees that contrast against the stark white pan floor, situated close to Sossusvlei. Truly a must see place in Namibia.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town: By 1995 the entire town was completely abandoned when the townspeople abandoned their homes and possessions when the richest diamond fields ever known were found on the beach terraces to the South. Kolmanskop is located in Luderitz, where you can explore the abandoned town, with houses full of sand, making it an eerie yet must see town to explore.

Spitzkoppe: Amidst the flat plains, you will find the bald granite peaks or inselbergs which are more than 120 million years old as you drive between Usakos and Swakopmund. These granites also contain ancient Bushmen drawings. So put on your hiking shoes and explore the views and history of this part of Namibia. You also have the option to camp at Spitzkoppe or stay in the Spitzkoppe lodge.

Welwitschia Plains: Truly a moment to be standing next to one of the oldest plants in the world which only grows in the Namib desert and Angola. The plains are situated roughly 30 – 50 km inland from Swakopmund.

Sossusvlei: Ons of the most beautiful views in Namibia. A salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes. This is where you will also see Deadvlei

Etosha National Park: One of the largest National parks in Africa where you will find the magnificent wildlife of Namibia. You have a variety of lodges and campsites surrounding the park which makes it ideal for sunrise and sunset game drives in hopes of viewing the beautiful Big 5.

Skeleton Coast: Virtually uninhabited and untamed coastline with shipwrecks, scattered animal bones, shipwrecks and 500 kilometres of coastline. A remarkable experience driving along the coastline. The perfect place for solitude, surfing, walking dunes and experience nature in its raw reality.

Donkey Bay: Surfers heaven when the swell is right! Surfers travel from all over the world to surf the world’s longest barrel at Donkey Bay, known as one of the best discovered waves. You can find Donkey Bay just outside of Walvis Bay, towards Pelican Point.

Cape Cross: Where you’ll find over 200 000 Cape fur seals! Cape Cross is also a great surf spot, but be aware of surfing between hundreds of seals! You will also enjoy staying at the Cape Cross Lodge, or set up camp there

Big Daddy Dune: When you’re driving in your Warthog 4×4 rental to Sossuvlei, be sure to put Big Daddy Dune on your list! As this is the tallest dune in the Sossusvlei area, so strap on your boots and get climbing! The view from the top is worth every bit.

We have a few more places to share with you, so keep an eye on our website to see what other unique places are a must see when you rent your 4×4 vehicle, and come visit our beautiful desert Country Namibia.

These images are not ours, and purely used for visual effects.

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