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Top Tips For 4×4 Driving Experiences In Namibia

Namibian gravel roads can be tough, so before heading for the dirt, prepare yourself with some basic 4×4 knowledge to make your driving experience enjoyable without any issues!

Below are some top tips to consider before you take your rented 4x4 vehicle off-road

Familiarise yourself with your 4x4 vehicle

It’s crucial to know the basics of your vehicle, which is why we take time once you arrive to show you the ins and outs of your vehicle to ensure you’re not left hanging in the middle of nowhere. You need to know whether your vehicle is manual or automatic, how to shift to 4WD and back out to 2WD, where your indicators, lights, wiper switch, hazards and more are located.

These might seem obvious, but if you’re in a new vehicle, new territory and new language, then you will quickly realise how important your knowledge of these basics are.

Know how to change a tyre

A crucial element, especially when you will be driving rougher roads. Luckily most tourist destinations in Namibia’s dirt roads are scraped few times a year, yet there will most likely be a few rough spots that can easily cause damage to a tyre.

If you’re driving without a guide, then make sure you’re savvy with changing a tyre. It might seem daunting at first, but don’t fear, we’ll show you the ropes when you arrive!

Know when to engage in 4WD

Four wheel drive isn’t needed for any and all gravel roads. Some gravel roads are smoother to drive, and some can be a proper off-road experience!

Know the speed limit on gravel roads

Although the speed limit on our gravel roads are 100 km/h, we strongly advise that you don’t exceed 80 km/h. Gravel roads can be incredibly dangerous, with hidden bumps, potholes, and wildlife – especially when driving early morning or when the sun sets.

Even though you’re driving a 4×4 vehicle, damage can still be detrimental when you hit a nasty hole, or go over an unexpected bump. It can cause damage to your tyres, chassis, wheel alignment and more!

Have a map on hand

Get a printed map, or do a proper road calculation before embarking on your journey.

A lot of the gravel roads in Namibia don’t have adequate signs for you to solemnly rely on to get to your destination. And you also might not have signal in some of these remote parts. Therefor ensuring that you know which turn-offs you should look out for, will be crucial during those times.

Watch out for wildlife

Namibian gravel roads tend to be in close proximity to our wildlife. Therefor it’s extremely important that you drive with caution, keeping an eye out for any wildlife that might cross the road at any given time.

The damage it can do to your car can be detrimental to your 4×4 vehicle as well as our wildlife. So rather drive slow, enjoy the scenery and keep your eyes open.

Explore Namibia

See all the beautiful parts of Namibia by driving your own rented 4x4 vehicle

Namibia is an incredible Country to visit, ask anyone who’s been here. And having your own rented 4×4 vehicle makes it that much more special. Create your own memories and keep these few tips that we shared with you in mind before planning your trip. You will be sure to have the best time driving through all the different landscapes!

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